Monday 7 April 2008

All over the place...

Mum's a great one for this kind of thing. It's fun every now and then, to type "Deefer-Dawg" into the google search field and see what comes up. The links that come up on the front page seem to stretch back through time and across a myriad of subjects. Languages too - tonight's had one in Arabic script (I think - correct me if I'm wrong).

Tonight we had reference to the "good guys and villains" posting, and the "it's no good" one from recently, but also the Green Lane allotments we did ages ago

There was one by Fallow Deer lovers at

but the other threads on this were about killing fallow deer - we don't go in for that at all, we hasten to add

There was reference to the technorati, what ever they might be

...and that Arabic one was at

but we think that related to when Dad asked the "something has broken" help thread how to make my pictures work on this thread.

There was even one about spatch cocking chickens...

You should try it - fascinating stuff. I suppose because we introduce such a huge range of subjects from Spatchcocked chooks to Thames barges, and from Fallow deer to 2CV's we are naturally going to cross lots of other paths in our walk through the forest.

Deefs, the broad-ranging intellect....

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