Friday 18 April 2008

Yellow frisbee RIP

The poor old yellow frisbee has been either loved to death, or cut through by little dog incisors, depending on how you look at it. We took it out tonight for a good old throw about, but it was never going to last long, being almost chewed through at that point. Sure enough, after a half hour one big throw saw it burst open on impact and turn into a wobbly kind of boomerang. Never mind. There are plans for a replacement next time the humans go to "Pets Are Us".

Word comes from real-Mum's place that all is restored to calmness between my Dad and my Brother. We now play like pups again and roll about lovingly all over each other. So I'm told that either the testosterone smell challenges from Archie (bro') which were upsetting Hector (Dad) have dispersed now since the "op", or first-Mum has had enough of them and the threats of death and banishment had become a bit too real for them to ignore any more!

A good night for Springers tonight at the Rec, including a lovely young male one called "Spooner" (I kid you not) and a red and white one we didn't catch the name of.

Have a great weekend

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