Friday 11 April 2008

Jolly bargin' weather

Brilliant walk tonight. At the weekend, Dad had been down at his labours on sailing barge S.B. Cambria, and in idle moments they had been enjoying the sight of the crew of S.B. Repertor hauling their barge out of the sunken dry-dock. She'd been having her bottom cleaned and anti-fouled, but was now spick and span. These dry docks are converted Thames Lighters, so when they want to release the barge they simply open the cocks as the tide comes in. The dock sinks (or rather stays sitting on the mud) and the barge floats off. They then used one of her own winches to haul her out backwards.

The pic was improved by the falling snow swirling around. Dad decided to print it and give the boys a copy, so tonight we were on a mission to find Repertor and either hail the skipper, or nip on board to plant the (laminated) pic in a suitable position. That also meant we were at the boat yard as our own favourite barge (the one Meg and H have actually sailed on), S.B.Greta was being readied for a sail round to her Summer quarters, the fishing harbour at Whitstable. All her winter maintenance has been completed under her poly tunnel cocoon, so now she's back open to the elements and rigged up for sailing.

Ahhh barges.... Dad's in Heaven. Tonight, it being his birthday weekend he is being taken out for a meal, so we get a consolatory "tripe stick". These dried up leathery chunks of (presumably) gut are black and rough-surfaced, and the humans find them rather gross, but we dogs love 'em and chew and grind and slurp them out of existence. Then we come back for more.

Have a great weekend


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