Friday 4 April 2008

Circus Clown

As far as we know there is not a circus in town.... So , why then, did we see, walking from the railway station to the station carpark, a circus clown in full regalia - red/orange/yellow diamond-pattern baggy romper suit, big white ruff collar, long clown-shoes with bulbous toe-ends, white make-up with big smiley red lips. White hair, so we guess an elderly lady-clown but even so fairly bizarre out of context.

Maybe she was heading for her clown car and was going to drive it out of the carpark with bits falling off and the exhaust banging away with backfires. Dad pleads that he had not, up till then, been drinking. Even so, the ladies in "Alldays" looked at him a bit odd as he bought wine and told them all about it.

For me though, a great run around in the Rec chsaing the yellow frisbee, and a brief meeting with a shaggy, longtailed, standard poodle in chocolate brown. No-one else we recognised. The Rec, normally full of chums, was very quiet. Such a warm evening too. Mum and Dad are actually eating supper al fresco, first time this year


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