Monday 21 April 2008

Handsome Boy, Mad Vehicle

Quite a nice pic of Haggis, I think you'll agree. What a handsome boy! And who's that gorgeous girl sneaking a look round from the other end of the table - ah that'll be me then!

Meanwhile, is this, or is this not, the craziest vehicle you've seen on this blog so far. It is called a "Solyto" (google it if you like!) and is the product of a merge between Lyon (France) motorcycle maker "New Map" and a sheet metal firm. It is powered by a motorcycle engine and has DAF style variomatic ("rubber band") drive. This one has been bought, and brought back from France by one of Dad's nutty 2CV mates.

It claims to be the "camping" variant but all the humans we know would struggle to stretch out for a good camping sleep in it, so we dogs have the perfect solution. You humans can have the tents - chuck a few blankets down on the floor and we three Westies, plus the camping farm dogs Daisy and Dinky (see earlier posts), plus any other (small dogs) who would like to join us, can all sleep in a big heap in the warm dry confines of the Solyto!



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