Wednesday 21 May 2008

Back to Normal

After our brief flirtation with Night Shift working, Dad comes back to bed at 06:00 this morning and we hang on in there even with Mum going off to work normally. Where Dad is is where a dog should be, even if it's rather sleepy "action".

At just gone midday something wakes us all up - dogs leap into action and accelerate away across the bed..... as it happens, right across Dad's "moobs". Arghhhh!!! A rude awakening or what? Never mind, we are soon forgiven, and we have the rest of the day with Dad awake and around. There's something to be said for these night hours.

The garden is now choc-a-block with baby birds doing "flying school". The fences are peopled by rows of baby brown starlings sitting next to a Mum or a Dad and screeching at him/her to get fed, and next to these are similar families of sparrows, the babies sit crouched with trembling wings. Blackbirds all up and down the street are "Chuck- Chuck" ing in alarm at some threat. Sad to say, at least we know it's not "our cats" this year.

Have a good one


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Tim Hopper said...

Hi Deefer!

My old boy's allotment blog was recently (and undeservedly) given an E for Excellent award. I've nagged him since into passing it onto yours! As it's something designed to get folks following a trail I just knew that it would have to lead to the Adrian Mole for dog lovers!

Visit my 'masters' blog to copy n' upload the award.

With best woofs!
Huggy Bug :o)x