Wednesday 7 May 2008

Concrete Jungle

The humans have been working very hard lately, in between the lazy bluebell walks. A concrete path in the garden, they decided, is in the wrong place. We think so tto - a dog chasing down the garden has to veer left, then dive through an arch spraying gravel everywhere like Roger Clark, 90-right onto a brick path, then 90 left onto the concrete and on down the garden to the greenhouse and shed.

The path's basically been in the wrong place since the humans moved in, and they've hefted up all the rest of its length, but this last remaining 12 foot or so has been left, being the path along "by the chicken run". Well, the chicken run is no more, and there are no plans to re-introduce chooks (there's this theory that I'd kill 'em, but I've no idea where that came from). So a plan was hatched to rip up the remainder of the concrete jungle, and replace it with a stylish woodland glade path, curving gently between old brick soldier-course kerbs, and laid in shredded bark

That was the weekend's project and very nice it looks too (plus it's a lot easier to run down!) give or take the pile of hard-core which was the path and now needs to be the carloads heading for the tip.

Dad'll be too tired to walk us!


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