Saturday 10 May 2008


Our heatwave continues. Dad gets us all up nice and early so that we can get a good walk in at 07:30 before any heat builds up. There's nobody about except one-time allotmenteer, Steve, and his golden labrador, Tess. The is everywhere at once and can't stop long to say hello. there is always another bramble thicket, and she races away. We watch her heading for the horizon via all the thorny patches and possible rabbit holes, putting up a hen pheasant as she goes, till she is lost from view.

Back across the Rec we meet up with old friends Gigot, the Bedlington, Truffles (choco-lab) and (Little) Storm, the long haired chihuahua. They have more time for us and we all have a good race about. Old reders will remember that Gigot came to these people as a recue in a very poor state. He is now fully sorted and a healthy, fine figure of a chap - a credit to his new owners.

We never stopped after that, helping Mum and Dad with a whole load of jobs around the garden - planting the new woodland glade bit, digging up another "Angels' Fishing Rods" grass, making a new brick edge, and spreading some more shredded bark on the path. Also chilling on the terrace.

The we all got cippered. Dad decided it was too hot for us to be shaggy, so now we are all buzzed to 5mm, and feel nice and cool as a result.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend


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