Thursday 8 May 2008

Farewell to Mississippi

Another sad one, I'm afraid. Mississippi even from kittenhood has had uncertain health. With her brother (Louisiana), she shared a strange musculature and tail formation - her tail was only half the normal length, the last few vertebrae were vestigial, curling round to form a small knob, her tail held downwards like a Springer Spaniel, and her back legs always slightly weak and carried low, so that she had a stoop at the back end like an alsatian.
Well lately she's been showing signs that the back end was degenerating (front end, shoulders, neck, head, front legs always looked fine), and she's been less and less mobile, recently unable to get in and out of the cat flap and then, finally, unable to get in and out of the litter tray. Accidents were frequent.
So Mum and Dad have made the tough decision and now her little life is over. She is buried in the new "woodland glade" garden. She will have a little marker of woodruff (Gallium). We will all miss her - she was a very friendly cat and we loved her.

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