Wednesday 28 May 2008

Bindy's Back

Now that we are all back home, it's been good to get back into some of the old walking routines. We've been to the Rec, where there's been a funfair over the weekend, but out of no-where we came across old friend (and adversary!) little Jack Russell "Bindy" and JR of more senior years and portly stature, "Patch".

Always after a long gap Bindy and I, who are roughly the same size, speed, nippiness and strength, have to have a "set-to" just to re-establish who is top dog, (for some reason I won this one), but after that we're greatest mates again, and run around together chasing Bindy's plastic frisbee.

I mentionned that Mum and Dad had been to the Mark Knopfler concert. This was at the Albert Hall and was a birthday present from Mum to Dad. They came back bubbling (well, Dad did.... Mum was fairly enthusiastic about that, but bowled over by the guest appearance of Joe Brown for a couple of numbers ("Picture of You" being, inevitably, one of them).

Mark K was brilliant, says Dad, and played a goodly range of stuff from the early Dire Straits days right up to the most recent album. Dad hasn't got that, so I daresay there'll be some Googling towards imminently.

More soon - probably even some more tonight

Look after yourself


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