Wednesday 28 May 2008

A whole week!

Yeah I know - it's been a whole week since I last posted. There's so much going on! For a start the humans deserted us from Thursday round to Sunday, airborne to Ireland to visit the Steak Lady in Portmarnock, and the Silverwoods in Co. Laois. The occasion was the First Holy Communion of "our" youngest neice, J-M, daughter of the Silverwoods.

The function itself happened in the church in their home town but then everyone adjourned to Portmarnock where the Steak Lady held a big party celebration. That's why Mum and Dad came home smelling gorgeously of the two tiny Yorkies, Cracker (red-head, top of picture, licking her lips) and Rosie (front of picture (always!)) and the very elegant Siamese, Seti.

More of that visit later - Mum and Dad were no sooner back than the abandonned us again to head for the Big Smoke to see Dad's hero Mark Knopfler at the Albert Hall.

I may have been a week without you, but I promise I will make it up by posting more stuff on this today.


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