Tuesday 13 May 2008

Ragworth's Adventures in London

With Diamond in Greece (Poros) at present with John, Ragworth is being dog-sat by Diamond's little brother "Tot". I say "little" - he is bigger than Dad, but once a "Tot" always a tot in their family. They are from up North, so everyone is "Our Gavin" and "Our Mam" - even Denis's "little brother" who is 70+ is still known as "Our Kid"

Anyway, "Our Ragworth" is currently in the safe hands of Tot and , because Tot works in that London, Rags is currently up in the smoke. He is being walked in Battersea Park and, when he managed to find the only muddy puddle in Battersea fell foul of Tot who "Knows about terriers" and found himself bathed and then brushed out and stripped as you would a Show-Dog for good measure. Rags is reported to have enjoyed the experience and feels very much the man-about-town now.

Our own adventures have been more pedestrian - a nice gentle one to the Rec tonight where the mowers had just been through, so we had a great time chasing about kicking up the mowings and rolling over and over attacking each other in sprays of grassy bits. We met black collie (him of the white hind toes) Ben, and new kid on the block, softest cutest dog you'd ever want to meet, 4 month old Husky pup "Kaya" with his pale blue eyes and the softest downiest coat you'd ever touch.

Go Kaya - go Rags-about-Town


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