Sunday 18 May 2008

Classic Cars

Today is the day of Faversham's Classic car and Motorbike Show - we always head on down there because Dad's cronies from the Citroen Car Club display some cars there.

They seem to always get good weather for it, too, and today is no exception. war sunshine and a breeze. Before we've even got to the main carpark, where CCC are, we've seen the "Cheese Box" ladies with their white Citroen H Van (ah mais oui! Le Cube Utile!), and a plum red 2CV "AK" van. We know both these vehicles - the AK lives round here and the H we have seen a number of times driving past our house - we think they live in Whitstable. We have also met and fussed with Rags, who is out with "our Tot".

We have also stopped and chatted to a very spruce, clean, shampoo'd 2 year old westie called Bailey, his owners lounging in deck chairs next to their Lotus Esprit, which was in the show. The guy was amusing us by saying that on his way to the show he'd stopped for petrol, and while he was out of the car Bailey had jumped into the front seat.

The man is very proud of his Lotus (he certainly keeps it clean enough!) so when a babe came towards him coo-ing - "Ahhhh - isn't she gorgeous!!!!" he gushed - well - Thank You!, indicating the car. No! Says she - I mean the dog, and proceeds to make a big fuss of "her" (actually Bailey) while totally ignoring the car and the crestfallen owner. Wife was apparently in fits of laughter.


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Anonymous said...

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