Thursday 1 May 2008

Bluebells in Challock

Well, we're getting there. Those bluebells in Challock Forest are reaching their peak now. Another warm week and they'll be superb. There's always a fight at this time of year between the bluebells trying to peak and set seed before too much leaf comes on the tree canopy and in the brambly, brackenny leafy layer. Some years the trees come on too fast, and photo's are spoiled by too much green light.

These, especially the 2nd one with the even grey beech trunks and a wispy green start to the leaves, are OK but, even though we didn't get wet, all the bright sunlight of early morning was cut out by the towering rain clouds all around us. We got back home to the river-like aftermath of a massive cloudburst washing down the gutters outside our house.

We were lucky - Dad didn't even have a coat!


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