Friday 2 May 2008

Happy 12th, Meggie!

Happy Birthday Megan - 12 today!! Here is a pic of her, eating her birthday cake! It might look a little to you like a raw pork rib from Sainsbury's but let's not split hairs. Naturally we all got a couple (although Haggis is so slow eating his I suspect he may have had 1 and a half, to Meg's 2 and a half, but he can't count, so (Dad) your secret's safe with me!

We also had, treat of treats, another bluebell walk but this time with 6 of us - bro Archie, Mum (Mollie) and Dad (Hector). Dad had actually tried to get Ellie-Bez but her Mum was working

Pics of all that, and more, when I have time!

Happy Birthday, the Megster


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