Monday 12 May 2008

The Colour Purple

Our garden seems to move through colour phases as we progress through the heat wave. The early yellows (daffs etc) are long gone, and the blues and whites (vibernum, snowflake, new frshly-opened Erigeron (Spanish Daisy)) are now giving way to floods of purple. The big ol' Paulownia (Foxglove Tree) is the most covered in blossom we've ever had it. I say "old" - it's actually only about 12 years old - they grow so fast it's already 16-20 feet.

The lilacs (ours and next door's) carry on the purple theme on the left side, a purple aquilegia is doing it's stuff in the circle garden, and all around the Erigeron which opens white and then turns purple are giving us ground level purple. Purple honesty is fading but some geraniums are stepping into the breach. We don't plan it like this - it just happens, honest.

Mum has the "proper car" today, as she has a day off work and is on a mission to assist the move of Denis (Rags's Dad) from hospital to a local care home, so our Dad has happily taken the 2CV to work via picking someone up in Ashford. He returns with a beaming smile, the roof rolled right back in the blazing heat, only lacking his usual straw hat (doesn't really go with the hi-viz jacket and workwear "uniform" apparently) for the complete "yokel" effect.



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