Wednesday 28 May 2008

Quiltin' Party

We're all off round to Diamond's for an evening of sewing (like Aunt Dinah's in the song) and drinking wine. I think it's called "domestic bliss". Uncle John swerves it. As with Bindy, when we meet Rags again after a break, we have to re-establish the order of seniority. All well and good, but I keep getting told off for being "feisty" with Rags

Most unfair. Seems only months back that he used to threaten mortal wounding on me on Reculver beach and I'd squeal like a drama queen (even though the humans say he just ran towards me in puppy enthusiasm and breezed by feet away, never touching me, but that's not how I remember it!). Now I'm a bit bigger and stronger, i can get in a few pre-emptive strikes when he comes near "Yafff!" I shout, at my most impressive (before the scolding "Ahh Deefer!") and he backs off.

So we still don't make contact, but now I'm doing the "Yaff!"-ing . Yay me

Mind you, we all look on Rags now with new found respect. There are rumours that while he was in London he ate a Chav child and is now "known to the police" but I suspect someone might be exaggerating here. Probably Rags himself.....


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