Wednesday 22 June 2011

Brail the Sail

As we slide inevitably into the last fortnight and last week of normal life, prior to Project Erroll kicking off, Dad is starting to go through the last chance to see stylee events. Colleagues who are off on a fortnight's holiday for example, are doing that "Well, if I don't see you again..." thing that people start to do at Christmas from about the 15th Dec onwards. Today he bids farewell to much his boss for the last 3 years and to another colleague who he may not see again. Meanwhile the estate agent is on the blower discussing ways to get more viewers through the door.

Down at the quayside, more final preparations take place for the barge to sail away. The main sail gets "bent" on to the mainmast and the main mast, now with its shrouds and forestay attached, is hoisted up. At one point they 'set' (deploy open) the sail and everyone is really impressed by how good it looks.

These big sails are not hoisted and lowered in barges; they are pulled back (or "brailed") like a set of curtains, with the brails acting like curtain tie-backs. This is a big heavy sail, so the brailing is done using a big beefy winch which should be attached to the deck by the main mast base. Only ours isn't yet. So our lads had to brail our sail by hand, 6 beefy shipwrights all pulling on the same rope to haul in the breadth of the sail. Amusing.


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Mr Silverwood said...

It's all getting very close now, won't be long before you get to see your dad for most of the day