Friday 17 June 2011


As Dad slides into his last couple of weeks before Project Erroll kicks off properly, and it's all getting a bit scary, a significant financial event (let's call it a windfall, for want of a more detailed description) happens today. This is roughly a month earlier than estimated and predicted, so we all suspect this may be yet another foul-up by those who have become known as "Human Remains", but on this occasion, we cannot hear Mum and Dad complaining. Party time?

Boris is now so well settled in that we will all miss him when he goes home, and probably he will miss us. Morning and evening, mad , loud, scurrying playtime kicks off and all three dogs charge about in and out of the house, round the ground floor rooms, sometimes up and down the stairs and often up and down the garden. Haggis seems to have been rejuvenated by all this and enthusiastically joins in, as well as sometimes attempting to mount Boris and doing a few pelvic thrusts just to make the point that, at 14, he's still young and virile enough for Deefer (Thank You very much, Boris!). This is something no-one's seen him do for about 10 years!

We are all getting nice long walks and Boris's mission on these is to stick to me like glue, so that the two leads are the same length, the four shoulders are in perfect line abreast, and two tails wag in synchronicity, as one. Boris though, is showing a variety of bizarre behaviours which reminds the humans that he is yet, a silly young Pup. These include a desire to rip up white toilet tissue rolls under the main bed leaving them roughly spherical in shape and lying in a snow drift of tissue snow flakes under said bed. He is also prone to pup accidents, and the landing carpet may well get replaced as soon as his back is turned. There have also been similar 'events' on the spare bed.

Have a good weekend


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Mr Silverwood said...

You should look on in disgust and horror and tut very loudly Deefer....