Thursday 27 March 2008

Barking Builders

I am known in these circles for being more of a loud, shouty, feisty girl than any previous westies, and it has got me into trouble many times.

Down at the bottom of our garden "they" are building 390 dwellings and a home for the bewildered. "They" in this case are dozens of lads, all of whom park their cars on a bit of short-term hard-standing laid just outside our beech hedge, which is pruned at the bottom to raise its "skirt", which means I can easily see under it.

That means it's great sport to have a shout at the lads each morning as they park up and get their hard hats, hi-viz jackets and boots on. It goes on as long as I can get away with it, before Mum, rousted from her breakfast or shower, or snooze by the racket, races down to grab me and shut me up.

Imagine Mum's surpriase yesterday then when she could hear someone, or something barking back at me. The builders! Having a rare aul' time winding me up by barking back at me!

How come Mum didn't race down the garden in her nightie and grab a few of them to shut them up?


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