Tuesday 18 March 2008

Ecologically Sound

For me, as you know, a yellow, much-chewed, nearly-not-a-complete-ring-any-more frisbee is the toy of choice. Tonight, on the Rec, we met brown and white mongrel "Kit" who goes in for a more ecologically sound brand of toy, a wedge of tree trunk. The wedge, about 6 inches in any long dimension fits neatly in his jaws and he carries it everywhere, retrieves it when it is thrown, and puts it down carefully while talking to other dogs.

Takes all sorts, I guess. green anyway, whereas my Chinese-made, brought half way round the world, plastic, product of the petro-chemical industry has a bigger carbon footprint than .... than.... Haggis, or Dad at their most gaseous...

We also meet one of Dad's allotmenteers out with big black shaggy collie-cross Charlie, and brown terrier Monty. Monty charges around rather alarmingly and, when the yellow frisbee is thrown for me, chases me so closely behind I can hear his breath on my neck and I veer off self-conciously, out-psyched by the level of competition.

Having scared me off the frisbee, of course, he veers away too, more interested in playing with us than chasing stupid, non-green toys, and Dad quickly gets the hump having to walk that far to retrieve it because no-one else will!


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