Sunday 30 March 2008

Water, Water, everywhere

Look! I didn't mean to take that impromptu swim in the "big pond" this morning. I just kind fell in when trying to harrass the end of the tadpoling net with which Dad was hooking out duckweed. Leant out too far, is all.... splosh! Had to swim across 4 feet of pond to scrabble out across a goose-foot plant in a sturdy pot. Dad raced to house (surpressing laughter) to get dog-towel from Mum, and got rubbed dry on the terrace table. Chilly! Sympathy from Mum? Some comment about "stupid little oicks"

Nice walk though -all round the boat yard and back through town. Across the Rec. Where there were plenty plastic drinks bottles and you'll already know that kill-the-plastic-bottle is a favourite game. I had a carbonated bottled-water bottle well subdued by the time we got to one of the main tarmac paths, where-upon we met a young Mum encouraging her tiny toddlers slowly in the direction of the swings and slides.

Can the children stroke the doggies? Says Mum. We are, of course, very amenable to this ourselves, and allowed these two tots to pet us. Mmm, Joked Dad to the lady - most dogs can put up with ordinary tap-water but this one (indicating me) has to have bottled because she's so posh. Mum laughed. Larger-of-the-two tots looked up at his Mum all big-eyed... "Is that true Mummy, or is this man being silly?"

Nearly choked on my bottle!


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