Tuesday 11 March 2008

Stormy Weather

Gales and driving rain blast through Kent and we have to sneak walk in between the worst of it. Meg chooses this moment to have a change of heart from a) Not wanting anything to do with the outside world if it is raining, to b) Ahh... come on Dad, it's stopped raining now, I want to zip along to the Rec and scamper about like a young one. There's no accounting for the Megster

The walk we snatch tonight as big black clouds roll in, but before they dump their load on us, is a well-populated one - lots of old chums are out including fast brown and white Jack Russell, Bindy, even faster, be-red-bandana'd brown Lakeland cross Bobby, beautiful goldie Chloe and the black collie cross with white toes and white chest-flash, Ben.

Meanwhile, news comes that it has come time to have bro' Archie "done". His day is Thursday, so good luck Arch - hang in there. Haggis survived - just a bit sore for a few days and licking the site as if licking could restore the former glory..... Won't work, Bro, but it's for the best.

Poor ol' boys. I guess my time will come too in the end, but no-one's talking about that yet.
By the way - latest site meter stats have this having been visited 1244 times and viewed 2180 times, with visits currently running at 14 per day. Nearly a best-seller!


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