Saturday 1 March 2008


Ahhhh .... sigh

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Will You Marry Me?": Ragworth says YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Does that mean I'm engaged, or do I still have to ask Mum and Dad if it's alright?

A Westerly gale blasts through this in the early hours of morning bringing some almost-horizontal rain and , scarily, banging the side gate open where it wedged in the fence. We could have run out into the road (admittedly not very busy early on a Saturday morning), but we are sensible dogs, and know that we cannot go out there without leads on, so we stand in a line at the threshold, waiting to be hooked up. Dad is amazed and delighted.....

The wind is still there at walk time and we go for a very windswept one round the boatyard and back through town. The wind is screaming in the rigging of the moored and landed boats and bits of tree are blowing about on the ground. Our game of "thrown away plastic bottle" on the Rec on the way back is extra lively as Dad lobs it with the wind, and the bottle sails away ten times the normal distance. I have to chase after it, nail it, and then scamper back up-wind to Dad.

Off to Hastings today, and the Pud-Lady. Have a great weekend

I love you, my fiancee, Rag-bag


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