Saturday 22 March 2008

Battle at Kruger

Hi - as a rule we never bother with You-Tube and videos but here's one you just HAVE to watch even if it's the only bit of You-Tube video you watch this year

...or punch "Battle at Kruger" into Google. Featuring a fascinating bit of "interaction" between Buffalo, Lions and Crocodiles. And don't worry - no gore or blood and guts - it's filmed from sufficient distance with hand-held videocam. Also... in case you're of a nervous disposition, don't give up on that baby buffalo.... but I'll say no more. Enjoy 8 minutes of cracking entertainment.

Meanwhile, our threats of wintry showers have so far resulted only in rain, all be it horizontal rain! Strong Northerlies too. Dad got cold enough, he says, playing with the project 2CV car yesterday, that he's foregoing the pleasures of allotmenting today in favour of green-house based wind proof gardening - setting spuds to chit, sowing seeds in trays etc.

That's good because that means we'll be allowed to "help" and mooch around looking for r*ts in the compost heaps etc.

We've already had a nice walk round the cemetery and met lovely young boy-westie Billy, and a very speedy sandy-coloured whippet with a smart red coat. We don't know his name - he joined us at 200mph diagonally across the Rec while his owner remained 3 hundred yards away, mooched around with us for a while, then vanished at 200mph back the way he came. Very sleek and fit!

Have a great Easter


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