Sunday 2 March 2008

Charlie and Jake

Met 2 superb dogs in the Rec this morning, being walked by an old guy who stopped and talked to us all. Based broadly on Jack Russells, these 2 chaps were covered with wisps of long silky hair, like haloes around them. You saw the Jack Russell "skew-balled" colours through this haze as if through a fog, so they looked like JR's in pastel shades.

One was as big as a springer, so Heaven knows what he was a cross with, the other was just short and stout, and given that he (Jake) was 14, very nippy and agile. We had a good run-around with them.

Also went round to Diamonds so the humans could all eat together and therefore met my "fiancee" Ragworth. Naturally we took to squabbling and arguing "like a proper married couple" but at least now I can hold my own, and give him some back, unlike when I was tiny and he used to over-awe me and reduce me to drama queen sqealing mode.


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