Monday 24 March 2008

Walked off our Feet

Bitter North wind today, but where it's been wintry-showering, Dad opts for Reculver rather than the sheltered-from-the-wind Forest because Reculver is not muddy. When we leave it's not showering - in fact it's quite bright and hazy sunny. We clamber over the mound where the church ruin is, then head southeast up behind the oyster farm to the railway tracks, to complete the "full circuit".

That's about Meggie's limit these days. When M+H were young this was about an hour at Dad's route-march pace, but now Meggie rolls along at her rolling gait happliy enough for the inland loop, but starts to slow as we rejoin the concrete sea-wall, breaking now and then into a slow walk, while she recovers. Dad slows down of course, and we amble home, in this case into the teeth of the gale. It's about an hour 45 mins now, which is about Meg's lot.

Well, I say "amble" - Dad and Megan "amble". For me and Haggis it's more of an "average speed = amble" thing. We are actually racing ahead, then behind, then ahead again, then I attack him for a playful bounce every now and then. Later in the walk, Haggis also slows to an actual amble, and I am left racing about, leppin' on and off walls, down onto the beach and back up, orbitting around the slow-moving (ambling) group of old gits.

This way we all get our fill of exercise, and by the time we get back to the car out of the wind, we are all done in. Walked off our feet. We have sufficient energy to make a fuss of very elegant Weimeraner, Arthur , in that beautiful mousey ghost-grey they have ("I didn't name him that", says the man, apologetically, "that was 'the wife' ". We think it's a very good name for a handsome boy), but fall asleep as soon as we hit the car seats. We hope Dad has sufficient energy to drive home without falling asleep.


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