Saturday 8 March 2008

Ellie and Eric Clapton

One more nice pic of Ellie from that run around on the Rec a yesterday. Very smart she looks too.

Today's walk was another round the boat yard and back through town. Although Dad had already asked the dog-tag man in town to produce mine to replace the ones I lost (I don't know how - a girl has to race through bramble patches occasionally in pursuit of bunnies, and these things are not designed to be body-hugging and thorn proof.....) Dad wanted to retrace our steps of yesterday just in case it was lying there in the grass.

No such luck, so now I am resplendent in shiny new ones hanging from my collar

Us walked, Dad vanishes up to the allotments to get on with some digging and then, later, Mum vanishes shopping with Diamond. But when Dad comes back, we can all collapse across the sofa. This move, which used to be called, jokingly in our house, an "old git's lie down", is now called an "Eric Clapton". This because Dad got Eric's autobiography for Christmas and, although the first 7/8 of it were, as you'd expect, testament to gigs played, drink and drugs taken, financial excess and so on, by the end Eric is sober 20 years, happily remarried with 2 young daughters, and can't wait to get back from gig-tours for a lie down on his comfy sofa at home for an afternoon nap. Rock and Roll!

Go Eric - you've always been a hero of Dad's, and now your name gets used fondly around the house anew


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