Thursday 6 March 2008

Sol from Porthcawl

A Welsh connection tonight. the Rec is choca-bloc full tonight with dog walkers - it's like Crufts out there. Definite "new kid" though a very smart, clean, groomed young boy westie called Sol. Originally from Carmarthen, but now living in Porthcawl.....

...he was up with his humans visiting their family here-abouts, and always use the Rec, apparently, to let the dog let off steam before they descend on the relatives. Sol was delighted to meet we three.

But the "choca-bloc" thing - oh we met EVERYONE.....

Ruby the shaggy, tiny black terrier - only 4 months old and full of beans.
Bindy - young Jack Russell who's a regular and we've had many a post about her. She and I have a great run-around, but occasionally a shout at each other when the ol' "green eye" cuts in.
Patch - JR of more autumnal years, rather stout and given to a waddling gait.
Bailey - gorgeous shiny Red Setter who bounces around avoiding Bindy
Hogan - another new one - lovely brown German Short-Haired Pointer who made Megan, normally the stand-offish 'Dowager Duchess', turn into a skittish, bouncy, coquette - all sniffing of undercarriages and batting of eye-lashes - Floozy!
Bugsy - rather yappy Bichon
plus many more dogs we didn't get to know more thoroughly, uincluding a very fast greyhound who dashed through our "mob" at one stage with a rush of wind but didn't stop to introduce himself to anyone, and was gone again in a blur of brindled coat.

And on top of that, Crufts tonight too! My cup runneth over!

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