Sunday 9 March 2008

Cat and Mouse

We had to smile at this one - Mississippi getting up close and personal with Mum's "working from home" laptop while she'd nipped off for a quick coffee. Mum had being doing website design, so perhaps Missi felt some feline input was required. I expect the web page is all the better for that, when Mum can find where she's clicked.

Severe weather warning tonight for us - strong winds and heavy rain. We are all home though, safe and warm, and will be glued to the last day (Terrier Day) and evening of Crufts.

It was 1988 the last time a Westie won Best in Show, with Derek Tattersall's "Olac Moonpilot". The only Olac in this family is in Haggis, and it's a good 4 generations ago. He's mainly "Famecheck". Megan is a good bit "Sarmac". Me, I'm not even registered because neither of my parents were.

Enjoy Crufts - see you tomorrow


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