Saturday 15 March 2008

Parcel of Rogues

Mum and Dad were having a great laugh today about this website - it seems that the proceedings of the Old Bailey are now available on line, for the years 1674 to 1834 ( a bit before my time), so you humans can look up whether any of your predecessors were villains....

Now, I'm not saying I come from dodgy stock, but if First-Mum and First-Dad would just like to punch their surnames into the name search field of this website, there just might be a few returns. My own Dad's family name (including his brothers' given names Mark and Thomas) comes up loads of times but they were always acquitted. Good lawyers, says Mum. Mum's lot are Italian (Catholic) Hugenots (kicked out of more countries than you can shake a stick at!) so presumably their villainy was restricted to Ireland during this Old Bailey date range - either that or they are all shining innocent angels

Worth a laugh, anyway


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