Sunday 23 March 2008

Snow at Easter

The wind might have dropped a bit, but Kent is still feeling it as Northerly, and today it's laced with flurries of fine snow. That only starts once we're out walking, through the boat yard as it happens, so Dad is cursing not taking his gloves.

Plenty of people and dogs about that early - maybe it's an Easter Sunday thing. First nice meeting is with alsatian Star, now full sized at a year old, who we last met as a young pup. She's nice and quiet and gently greets all three of us, but is nervous with people, so Dad crouches and offers a hand, which she sniffs tentatively. Star's Mum is a top lady, who walks Star armed with little cubes of cheese to give out to randomly met cute westies as treats. We approve.

Next up is Max, bouncy young golden Lab who bounces around the three of us in a bit of an alarming manner and makes me squeak a couple of times. Can't completely lose that "drama queen" tag now, can I ? Finally, back across the Rec and looming out of the flurries of snow, with their humans all wrapped up against the weather, our old friends, Gigot the Bedlington, Truffles (chocolate lab) and Storm (Long haired chihuahua).

Shame about the weather. Dad was hoping to get up that allotment and finish the digging, but the snow makes that a bit unlikely. Might head up there anyway to see if there's any rubbish to burn, or tidying to do. We'll stay here, I think....

Happy Easter

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