Monday 10 March 2008

Moulin de what?

Ah well - another Crufts with no big prize for westies. Best Westie was, if memory serves, a French dog called "Touch of Class du Moulin de MacGregor" which by our translation means "of MacGregor's windmill". No... I have no idea either, but then who are we to speak when Haggis is actually "Zellick Joshua" by "Zandawn Renewable at Jusbar" out of "Pick'n Mix", and the Megster is "Romjil Star of Wondor" (sic) by "Jusbar Bosun Pickle" out of "Romjil Alexandria".

Anyway, the venerable Touch of Class was not shortlisted in the Terrier Group, so progressed no further, but well done him for getting that far - no mean achievement, obviously, and to all the other Westies who even got there. You have to be pretty good to even be allowed in, so "not winning" is nothing to be ashamed of.


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