Saturday 1 December 2007

Shipwrights' Arms

A lovely walk today as it turned out to be breezy and fairly warm, blue skies and sunshine. Mum drove us all to the Shipwrights' Arms pub. There had been signs up saying Christmas Trees for sale, but in the event that has been delayed a week by an "accident". The Shipwrights' is one of Dad's favourite pubs - one time meeting place of the 2CV club local group he is part of, then the base for a pub quiz team Mum and Dad were part of (Shepherd Neame League), plus source of a bitter Dad loved called "Ship Wreck" (we don't know if it still sells it - an excuse to call in maybe!).

It's a lovely pub right out of town on the creek bank, in a place called "Hollow Shore" and a path gives out from its garden onto the creek bank itself. We walk home back into town all along this bank - we guess about 3-4 miles, coming back into town over the swing bridge and past the big open-spired parish church.

Coming back across the Rec we see smoke from our chimney - Mum has the fire lit and spicy chicken, packchoi and rice noodles soup on the go. Dad is most impressed.

We're all whacked, so it's good to collapse on the new bed (Megan is not sure about the bright orange colour) and even though Dad is out in the garden planting tulips, daffs and irises, we don't go out and help.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ... all that fresh air


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